A Daily Prayer based on Ezekiel 6-7

Sovereign Lord, We see on these pages that you are a God who takes sin seriously, that though you are a longsuffering God, your patience does have limits. We know that you are grieved and broken when our hearts are adulterous and depart from you, so I pray that my heart, the hearts of ______________________, and the hearts of the people in our land will remain true to you and always be turned toward you. We know that you do not threaten in vain to stretch out your hand and make the land of those who rebel against you a desolate waste, and so I pray that we will bring our pride to an end before you must do it for us. We confess that we as a people have done things which are abominations in your sight, and that our land is full of bloody crimes and our cities are full of violence. We know that you judge us according to our ways, and that if your judgment falls on our land it will cause our leaders to mourn and be wrapped in despair and cause the hands of our people to be paralyzed with terror. Our hands will be feeble on that day, and our knees turn to water. And so I pray that we will remember you before disaster is awakened against us and your face turns away from us. I pray that we will accept what you say here, that silver and gold cannot satisfy our deepest hunger or save us in the day of your wrath. We admit that silver and gold can make us stumble into sin and become an unclean thing to us. And so I pray that we will accept the truth that we cannot serve both God and Mammon and that instead we will give ourselves to storing up treasures in heaven. I pray that we will continue to know that you are the Lord. Preserve for us visions from our prophets. May your word not perish from our pastors and spiritual leaders, nor wise counsel from our elders. By your grace, may we find peace when we seek it. Make our hands strong, clothe us with courage, and cover our faces with your radiance. In Jesus’ name I ask these things, amen.

"There is no better way to pray according to the will of God than by praying his own word back to him. These daily prayers are crafted, as much as possible, to incorporate the very words of the Scripture."

About Bryan Fischer:

Bryan Fischer, the author of these prayers, is a graduate of Stanford University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Before joining the AFA family in 2009, he pastored in Boise, Idaho for 25 years and served for one session as the chaplain of the Idaho state senate.


Never before in the history of our country has America faced a moral crisis like the one before us today. The foundations of our government are crumbling right before our eyes. Our churches are abandoning God, our families are in shambles. There is only one hope for restoration - the Lord Jesus Christ.

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