A Daily Prayer based on Matthew 3

Lord Jesus, I ask that by the work of your Spirit ______________________ and I may live a life of repentance. May we be quick to confess our sins, knowing that your kingdom is near. I pray that our repentance will prepare the way for you to work in us and through us, and make a straight path for you and your purposes in our lives. I pray that you will grant us and everyone in this city and nation a sobering reminder that the ax of your judgment is already poised at the root of the trees, and that every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into an unquenchable fire. May we flee to you from the coming wrath and produce fruit in keeping with repentance. I pray that you will immerse us in your Holy Spirit. May the blazing fire of your Spirit burn away anything and everything that contaminates body, soul, or spirit. As John spoke blunt truth to the cultural leaders of his day, so I pray that you will raise up spiritual leaders in our day who will speak your truth to the political and cultural powers of our own day, regardless of personal risk. May they speak your truth fearlessly and without being intimidated in any way. I thank you for preserving the eyewitness testimony of your baptism. I pray that we all will accept Matthew’s testimony that the heavens were opened and the Holy Spirit descended on you like a dove after your baptism, anointing you for your public ministry. And may we accept the testimony of the voice that came from heaven, the voice of your Heavenly Father, telling us that you were, and are, his Son, and that he loves you and is well pleased with you. I pray that, in a similar way, your Spirit will descend on us and anoint us for every task you have assigned to us. May we obey you so that your Father may acknowledge us as his sons, and be well pleased with us. I ask these things in your name, amen.

"There is no better way to pray according to the will of God than by praying his own word back to him. These daily prayers are crafted, as much as possible, to incorporate the very words of the Scripture."

About Bryan Fischer:

Bryan Fischer, the author of these prayers, is a graduate of Stanford University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Before joining the AFA family in 2009, he pastored in Boise, Idaho for 25 years and served for one session as the chaplain of the Idaho state senate.


Never before in the history of our country has America faced a moral crisis like the one before us today. The foundations of our government are crumbling right before our eyes. Our churches are abandoning God, our families are in shambles. There is only one hope for restoration - the Lord Jesus Christ.

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