A Daily Prayer based on John 20:11-31

Lord Jesus, I thank you for this written record of your resurrection appearances to Mary and to your apostles. I find reassurance in knowing that Mary was convinced that you had risen from the dead, despite believing until the moment she saw you that your tomb was empty because your body had been stolen. I thank you for her powerful eyewitness testimony to your resurrection. She was at the cross and saw you die. She was at your tomb and saw it empty. And she was at your feet and saw you alive from the dead. I thank you too for the written record of your first appearance to your disciples. We see your amazing power over the limitations of space and time when you simply appeared before them in a room whose doors had been locked for fear of the Jews. You showed your disciples your hands and your side. They saw you with their own eyes and were overjoyed that you had risen from the dead. I thank you for the written record of Thomas’ eyewitness testimony, a man who would not believe until he saw the nail marks in your hands and put his hand into your side. Again you came supernaturally into a locked room and invited Thomas to see your hands and reach out his hand and put it into your side. In a moment he stopped doubting and believed that you had risen from the dead. I accept the eyewitness testimony of Mary Magdalene, of the 10 apostles, and of Thomas. I believe that you died on the cross for my sins, according to the Scriptures, that you were buried, and that you were raised on the third day, again according to the Scriptures. I declare that you are my Lord and my God. I pray for _______________, that they too will come to believe in your resurrection and come to believe that you the Savior of the world and their rightful Lord and God. I claim your promise that we are blessed because we believe even though we have not seen you with our own eyes. We believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God, and we claim the promise of eternal life in your name. May your peace be with us all as it was with your disciples. I believe that just as the Father sent you, so you are sending us into the world, that we may introduce family members and friends to the forgiveness of sins that is found in you. I thank you for the authority you have given to us to declare to those who believe in you that their sins have been forgiven, and the authority to declare to those who do not believe in you that their sins have been retained. I thank you that you have breathed on us and that we have received your Holy Spirit. May he equip us to carry out every purpose for which you are sending us into the world. It is in your name that I pray, amen.

"There is no better way to pray according to the will of God than by praying his own word back to him. These daily prayers are crafted, as much as possible, to incorporate the very words of the Scripture."

About Bryan Fischer:

Bryan Fischer, the author of these prayers, is a graduate of Stanford University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Before joining the AFA family in 2009, he pastored in Boise, Idaho for 25 years and served for one session as the chaplain of the Idaho state senate.


Never before in the history of our country has America faced a moral crisis like the one before us today. The foundations of our government are crumbling right before our eyes. Our churches are abandoning God, our families are in shambles. There is only one hope for restoration - the Lord Jesus Christ.

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