A Daily Prayer based on Matthew 2 for 8/4/2021

Lord Jesus, As the Magi from the east did, I bow down and worship you this day as my Lord and my Savior. I acknowledge that you are the ruler spoken of by the prophets, born in Bethlehem of Judea. You are the great shepherd of the people of God. You are the fulfillment of many ancient prophecies, spoken long before your birth. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for your protection of Jesus in his infancy. You spoke to your servants four times in dreams that they might know your will and protect the life of your only begotten Son, so that every promise you had made concerning his life would be fulfilled. As you did with the Magi, I pray that again in our day you will bring cultural leaders in our own nation and in nations around the world to fall down and worship at the feet of Jesus. Jesus faced the hostility of an angry, vengeful political ruler in King Herod. We have many political leaders in our own day who are hostile to you and hostile to Christ. I pray that you will supernaturally protect your people from their evil intentions and plans, and I pray that you will raise up righteous political leaders in our day who will work with your purposes and not against them. In humility, I ask that you, as you did with Jesus, will protect my life and the lives of ______________________ . Please guide us and warn us and prompt us so that we may be able to avoid the snare of the enemy, and so that every purpose you have for our lives may be realized. I ask these things in the name of Jesus, amen.

"There is no better way to pray according to the will of God than by praying his own word back to him. These daily prayers are crafted, as much as possible, to incorporate the very words of the Scripture."

About Bryan Fischer:

Bryan Fischer, the author of these prayers, is a graduate of Stanford University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Before joining the AFA family in 2009, he pastored in Boise, Idaho for 25 years and served for one session as the chaplain of the Idaho state senate.


Never before in the history of our country has America faced a moral crisis like the one before us today. The foundations of our government are crumbling right before our eyes. Our churches are abandoning God, our families are in shambles. There is only one hope for restoration - the Lord Jesus Christ.

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